Are your claims piling up?
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For years, retailers have had the upper hand in supplier relationships. In addition to deducting what they want, when they want, they employ aggressive third-party auditors who parse every word in contracts and emails, looking for a financial advantage, regardless of the spirit of the agreement.

Harvest Revenue Group was founded to help suppliers gain an equal footing.

We are a deduction management firm. Our staff of experienced auditors works with some of the biggest brands in retail to:

  • Collect - We research and identify errors, overpayments, chargebacks and invalid deductions from retailers
  • Prevent - We audit ahead of the retailers’ cycles to isolate transactions at risk for post-audit and other types of claims
  • Improve - We provide our clients tools to identify the root causes of deductions and provide expertise on process improvement, best practices and industry trends
Head in Hands

The headaches don't have to be yours

In the current environment, some large retailers are continuing to see claims as a revenue source to balance their P&L. It takes a lot of time and effort to research and defend each individual claim. With Harvest Revenue Group as your partner, your team is freed up to focus on their core competencies while we do the work necessary to protect your bottom line. And, we do these things in a manner designed to maintain a positive relationship between you and your important customers.