What We Do
Harvest Revenue Group is a deduction management firm. We help shield the bottom line of companies that make or sell products that are sold at national retailers like Walmart, Target, Kroger, Best Buy, Walgreens and Amazon. Our capabilities extend throughout the mass merchandising, warehouse club, drug, specialty, home improvement and department store channels within the retail sector.

Founded in 2010, as far as we know, Harvest is the only company doing what we do. We specialize in deductions - compliance, promotional, allowances and post-audit defense for suppliers - and represent some of the largest brands on retail shelves in home electronics, health and beauty, grocery and many more when they have billing disputes with the retail companies. We not only help cancel and recover invalid claims, we also work with our clients to try and fend off future deductions by auditing ahead of the retailers’ cycles.

We’ve found that retailers have become more aggressive in trying to claw back money from their suppliers when there has been a bookkeeping mistake, shipping error or even when someone just read an email incorrectly about a pricing promotion. But they’re only looking for mistakes in their favor.


Harvest employs a team of auditors who have worked for or on the inside of large retailers, so we know where the mistakes are made and where corporate and third-party auditors go to look for money. Using our proprietary technology and our years of experience, we can provide a comprehensive system of checks and balances to help suppliers recover revenue lost in their supply chain or through post payment audit deductions.

We keep track of our clients’ sales, shipping and promotional data as well as any claims filed against them, helping them identify the claims that are legitimate and when they’re overreaching. In our seven years of working with suppliers, we’ve uncovered more than $375 million in savings for our clients, and we’re really just getting started.

We also provide consulting services to suppliers to help them understand the broader landscape at the largest retailers – including changes in retail practices that end up costing suppliers big money, like how to prevent emails from being misinterpreted and binding suppliers to an unfavorable deal. We also house and catalog their data for them, so they can proactively fend off claims or respond rapidly from an informed position when claims occur.