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For many suppliers to large retail companies, Harvest Revenue Group is the piece they’ve been missing to meet their strategic goals when it comes to managing claims.

Suppliers lose more than $1 billion every year due to pricing and promotional errors and, it’s no secret, retailers aren’t shy about taking what they think they are entitled to. Harvest was founded to put suppliers on an equal footing with the retailers, offering a system of checks and balances on the claims made against them by retailers and their third-party audit firms. Our signature service is combatting post-audit claims however, today, we offer a full suite of services designed to protect your bottom line:
  • Deduction Management – Using our propriatary software and experienced auditors, Harvest integrates into your account team, working directly with the retailers where possible to uncover errors, resolve disputes and recover funds
  • Benchmarking – Because Harvest has an array of clients across multiple merchandise categories, we are able to identify trends and offer industry and/or specific-retailer insights based on our internal data analysis
  • Training – Harvest can deliver onsite training for your organization, providing ready-made or customized sessions to help your team learn best practices in communicating with retailers and what words or actions may be more likely to result in a claim against your company
  • Consulting – Tap into the decades of experience at Harvest to address the important issues for your organization – whether for a couple of hours or something longer-term, we can help you understand the constantly evolving world of retail claims and work with you to develop solutions
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