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Contingency Audit
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Tired of burning through your trade fund, reserves or other pools of money that seem to vanish because of retailers’ claims? You’re not alone. Retailers continue to be more aggressive in pursuing pots of money they can use to bolster their bottom line, even if it’s at your expense.

If your company qualifies, a Contingency Audit from Harvest Revenue Group may be the answer. This product is designed for a one-time look at your company’s relationship with its customers, typically a single retailer, where the expected recovery exceeds $100,000. We thoroughly review all transactions with a given retailer, looking for excessive and invalid deductions and weigh the information against your supplier agreements. You pay Harvest a percentage of the recoverable amount.

Looking for some direction?

It’s also customary to layer on a consulting agreement with a Contingency Audit, where Harvest analyzes your processes during its research and offers recommendations for improvements.