No one is more important than a customer. That’s true of a supplier’s relationship with a retailer, a retailer with a consumer and Harvest Revenue Group with its clients.

Trust, understanding and value are all key ingredients in each of those relationships.

With more than 175 years of retail audit and finance experience on staff – including at Walmart and the third-party audit firms – Harvest has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by suppliers in their financial dealings with large retailers. We monitor trends and changes taking place at the biggest chains and, because we have clients in multiple categories across the stores, can provide broad perspective of how your situation is different – or the same.
In our most successful relationships, clients regard Harvest as a full partner in their business, as it pertains to claims management. We’ve developed the bonds of trust by demonstrating our capabilities, leveraging our relationships and providing appropriate counsel to key decision makers.

And, while some clients are initially skeptical, they soon discover the value that a relationship with Harvest can bring. In most instances, our clients have been able to recover substantially more than the costs of our services as a result of our work.

While we like to be a part of our clients’ day-to-day business, sometimes businesses have a set of circumstances where they need professional advice or to help in executing a special project. For those instances, Harvest can be retained for both short- and long-term consulting agreements.