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Let’s admit it. You’ve had more than one difficult discussion with your boss about how “that” happened and a big chargeback hit your bottom line.

Errors are inevitable and, when they are in the retailer’s favor, they are quick to take advantage and claim they’re owed – even just taking the funds arbitrarily in post-audit. They're quick to take, and slow to pay back. Harvest can provide training and information to assist in avoiding claims.

Most errors can be tied to a promotional event – an incorrect item cost, an off-invoice allowance taken outside of the event or an event is postponed or ends early.

Audit 360 is the comprehensive deduction management service offered by Harvest Revenue Group. Harvest’s auditors examine all events within a fiscal year, reconciling overages from one event against shortages from another. We compile our findings and submit them to you for review and approval.

With Audit 360, our auditors use your EDI data and Harvest’s proprietary software to continuously monitor interactions that take place with your customer, providing a complete picture of where errors are occurring and, in many instances, how to prevent them in the future. We review and monitor:
  • Proposals and invoices sent to the retailer regarding events, pricing, rebates and co-op’s
  • Average retail prices, identifying and documenting unexpected fluctuations, such as comp pricing sales, or the early execution or unauthorized extensions of an event
  • Same-day pricing, including items ordered, invoiced, shipped or received on the same day, but at a different cost
  • Co-op’s, markdowns, rebates, price protection, and other discounts offered, comparing your proposals to what was deducted
  • Excessive defectives, including returns, recalls, defective allowances, cost of goods returned and store inventory to flag instances where stores are claiming defective credit for saleable merchandise
  • On-time delivery issues and associated charges levied by retailers against suppliers

Are you ready to get your claims moving in the right direction?

Audit 360 also allows us to audit ahead of the retail audit cycle so you can accrue for legitimate claims and quickly dispute invalid claims, while diminishing the possibility of being blindsided by the unexpected. We protect your revenue by reducing your exposure to deductions.